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Dr. Sonia Chikh M’hamed

Biography: Dr. Sonia Chikh M’hamed is currently an Associate Professor of Management at Sino-French Institute of Renmin University of China and she is also an Associate Researcher at Granem UMR MA n°49 (the Angers Economics and Management Research Group) in France.
She received an MBA in Audit and Financial Control from the Léonard de Vinci Institute (Paris) and a degree of Master in «Stratégie, Management et Finance interorganisationnelle» from the IAE Lyon 3 and EM Business School of Lyon. She also received the PhD in Management Sciences from the university of Angers (2012).
She has held several teaching positions since 2009 in various universities and business schools. She has also worked as a Financial Manager and a Quality Manager.
Her research interests focus on the emergence of interclustering strategies and sustainable value creation highlighting issues regarding innovation and territorial dynamics. More recent research includes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) with a focus on the role of the business model in the integrated reporting. She has participated in various international conferences such as Association Francophone de Management International (ATLAS/AFMI), International Association of Strategic Management (AIMS), and The American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS).

Topic: Clustering and Inter-Clustering Strategies: What Makes Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Typically Different?

Abstract: The development of interclustering strategy in response of today’s economic challenge which is far more dynamic, have resurged as a key issues in the current research agendas in various fields. Up to now, clustering strategies have already been proven to be an efficient territorial strategies allowing strengthening both regional and national competitiveness. Nowadays, this phenomenon has attracted renewed interest from both politicians and researchers. For political authorities in support of clusters, interclustering strategy is more needed to enhance dynamic relationships between clusters and doing so, to improve the cluster growth and the competitiveness. For scholars, the emergence of the interclustering strategies provides a renewing of the research agendas in different fields. The China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (CS-SIP) is widely acknowledged as one of the successul cluster in China. The project idea was conceived in 1992 and and has undergone different stages of development till now. Although the CS-SIP has been a subject of several studies in various field, little is known about its creation as collaborative interclustering cross-border strategy between Singapore and China. It is evident that there is a need of investigating the development and the implementation of this special interclustering cross-border strategy which gave birth to a new cluster, the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP).

Important Dates
Submission:Oct. 30, 2015
(Extended to Nov. 17, 2015)
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Conference: Dec 8-9, 2015
Papers submitted to the conference should be in English or Chinese.
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